About us

The company was established as a successor organization of an association of two natural persons – Vladimír Mihálik and Ľubomír Mihálik, which started its activities in September 1994. The main activity of the business was and still is the production of upholstered furniture.
At the start of production, we started with twelve employees, in rented premises and we were able to produce about 5 – 6 upholstered sofas a day. Gradually, we built the entire company complex – office space, production space, storage space, loading and unloading ramps – on our own plots.
We currently employ eighty-five employes
Daily production is 80 - 100 upholstered sofas

Less than 2% go to domestic customers. Through the company LIND, s.r.o., we realize a large part of our production in the form of indirect export. The most important foreign partner for us is the owner of LIND, s.r.o., and that is the 3C Group / CANDY, CANDY SLEEP, CARINA /, which is currently the second largest seller / wholesaler / on the German market.

Our almost thirty-year cooperation testifies to the mutual benefit of such a connection. All materials used are manufactured in Slovakia or the European Union, or have certificates of the highest quality. The use of the highest quality materials is a matter of course for us, as well as the continuous output control of each manufactured sofa set, which means that our products achieve the highest quality standards.